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Wicked Wales: The Appalling Victorians (due September 2013)

Catrin Stevens

In this latest title in Catrin Stevens’s popular series all about Wicked Wales, the Appalling Victorians set out to prove they’re every bit as wild and wacky as the Tudors and the Stuarts, entertaining the neighbours with a horse’s skull or quarrelling with the quarry owners!


Factfile Cymru: Homeland Wales (due September 2013)

Elin Meek

Do you know how many vehicles cross theSevern Bridge each day? Or why there are fake puffins onPuffinIsland? You’ll find the answers, and so much more, when you turn the pages of this photo-filled factfile!


Factfile Cymru: Animals in Wales (due September 2013)

Elin Meek

Do you know how high a cat can jump? Or what happens when cows eat garlic? Or which famous animal gets the sniffles? Satisfy your curiosity and find out many more curious facts about Welsh wildlife in this crazy factfile!


Get Fit with Nelson (due October 2013)

Simon Weston

Q: What’s worse than a rat up a drainpipe? A: A fat rat up a drainpipe.

Rhys and Rhodri are not the only ones with a fitness challenge. Nelson needs to be looking his best for the international game at the Millennium Stadium. Everyone will be there . . . including Sam Warburton’s superstars, and Brecon, the golden-voiced presenter on Hoarse FM


The Seven (due October 2013)

Steve Gladwin


Seven trees? Seven guardians? Seven helpers? ┬áSeven pictures? What’s so special about the number Seven? Tony’s so full of questions, he thinks his head will burst. But that’s nothing new. Since Mum died, he’s had more questions than answers. Those scary paintings of hers for one thing. And that new girl, Eleri. She’s seriously weird. As if she’s waiting for something . . . In this first novel by Steve Gladwin, Tony’s quest for knowledge is brilliantly intertwined with ancient legends fromWales.


A Child’s Dylan Thomas (due spring 2014)

Phil Carradice

Here for the first time is a book about Dylan for younger readers. With picture-postcard images of his favourite places, A Child’s Dylan Thomas tells the poet’s story from his early days inSwansea to those last few days inNew York.


Gelert (due spring 2014)

Fran Evans

Here’s the story of Gelert as it’s never been seen before. With simple Welsh captions to match Fran Evans’s stunning illustrations, there’s a surprise on every page – especially the last!